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What Clients Say

“Jamie is driven to succeed using his skills for attention to detail. He is a problem solver by being flexible and diligent. Getting the job done to the best of his ability.”

Donna M.
“I met Jared 5 years ago and he’s always been very driven, loyal and hard working. Always wants to help others succeed in whatever they are doing. Very nice guy all around that is always there to help.”
Mike Canfield
“It is my pleasure to recommend Jamie Meyer.. I have known him for years in my business of flipping houses.

He worked for me on various projects as well as doing all my tile work. I would rank him as one of the best contractor we have had. Jamie is highly intelligent, has superb analytical, and good communication skills.”
Mike Sogla
“I have worked under Mel’s supervision for the past five years and have grown under her direction. She is professional but easily approachable. Everyone knows that work and personal lives should be kept separate but she is very well aware of her employees needs and is flexible. Our relationship has grown from co-workers to friends.”

Michelle Knutson
“We started by working for a sealing company at the bottom and working our way up to owning six territories for the same company, and running our own small business. I have seen his work ethic to always strive to be more and achieve more in his Life. Jared has always been a great friend and great business partner. His resilience in hard times, have proven key to achieving our goals. I have know Jared for 15 years and he has helped us succeed our dreams bigger than we thought possible.”
Marcus Halverson
“I have known Jared for seven years now. Thru all of those years, he has been fully committed to his business and family. Jared will always ensure the business is put first and that it stays a float even in hard times, by planning for the future. With his forecasting he has ensured the fact he will have a lasting business and a way to support his family. His positive attitude and outlook is one of this greatest tools. No rock is too large to move or ocean too far to swim for Jared. I could not imagine a better business owner or person to know in life.”
Carmen Westerhold
Alisa Glam
Alisa GlamGoogle Review
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I did business with Melissa and Jamie for a house in Edina and the results were amazing. I would recommend them for quality of work, clear communication and solid integrity.
Mohan Karki
Mohan KarkiFacebook Review
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They provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of their sticky situations.They focus on providing you with a solution to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love.
Queenie Madrigal
Queenie MadrigalYelp Review
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The Thunder Property Solutions team is a pleasure to work with. Very professional but friendly enough that we felt comfortable. They're easy to get a hold of when we have questions and very patient with me.
Dan Preston
Dan PrestonGoogle Review
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Highly recommended. I'm in my senior years and don't have any background in real estate, so it was a breath of fresh air that Thunder Property Solutions was very patient with me. Explained everything clearly so that I always know what I'm getting into.